Education that’s transforming lives and communities

Voice over:

Our people are difference makers.
The first ones to not only show up, but speak up.
Here, that's the bar.
We rely on those voices.
The voices of people invested in advancing racial equality and economic opportunity.
Because we know to truly move toward progress, we need more of that.
We need you.
So yeah, we're asking you to show up.
The artsy friend. The budding activist. The favorite aunt. The not-so-secret hobbyist.
Your whole self.
And with our careers in Finance, Technology, Business and so many other areas, you will find a place where every part of you will thrive.
This is a call to join our team.
To be the one voice that can strengthen our many.
And together, the ones to enact change.
So bring it.
Bring you.

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“This workshop is AMAZING!! It gave me a new look

into my life and the workplace.”

– Anabelle, Past participant

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