The Academy

The Academy at Bank of America invests in you every day, from your first day, so that you can succeed in your role and develop a dynamic, successful career at Bank of America. No matter where you are in your career or what experience you bring to the organization, there’s a path for you.

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What is The Academy?

The Academy is a dedicated organization that exists solely to ensure success for our colleagues through coaching and development. Within Bank of America, we serve teammates in Consumer & Small Business and Merrill.

Support from The Academy is designed to help you master the many facets of your current role. As you grow and learn, we work with you to further hone and develop your skills, so that you are always learning and improving. 

While we help you where you are today, we also help you connect the dots to the next steps in your career. The opportunities at Bank of America and Merrill are plentiful — so plentiful, in fact, that employees can feel overwhelmed by their options or unsure about what possibilities are available or right for them. This is where The Academy comes in and helps: by learning about your professional interests, showing you potential career paths, and exposing you to opportunities in other lines of business, we work with you to help you thrive both today and in the future.

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Advisor Development

Advisor Development encompasses our achievement focused training programs for financial advisors across Merrill and Bank of America Private Bank.

Katherine daniels

Katherine Daniels

Katherine Daniels is a Merrill Advisory Center Team Manager at one of our contact centers, and while she manages a team that takes service calls, the key aspect of her position is to be a gateway for her teammates to the rest of the company. Once members of her team learn and become experts in the systems they are using, they then start to explore the different career avenues available to them based on what inspires them and makes them most fulfilled throughout their workdays. Katherine works very closely with each individual on her team and focuses on inspiration and fulfillment. “My definition of success is excelling at what you’re doing, and enjoying it while you’re doing it.”

For Katherine, The Academy is an incredible hands-on tool that offers support for all levels of roles. “Everybody wants to see you succeed. We give you the tools that you will need to excel, and also help you identify any problem areas early. The sooner you’re able to see what part of your day is the toughest for you, what types of interactions are the hardest for you, how can we make that easier for you…that’s the kind of support that you get from The Academy, aside from the really high level of training.”

In 2019, The Academy invested in the careers of over 45,000 participants from our Consumer & Small Business and Merrill lines of business.    

Kowsky Georges

Kowsky Georges

From a client service representative to managing high-impact financial centers in Manhattan, to his current role as a registered market leader, Kowsky Georges attributes his rise throughout our organization as a result of mentorship and our training and development offerings. “I never looked at the ‘rise’ part [of my career] – it was really just the education part. It’s, how do I continue to learn, because if I stop learning, I stop getting better.” Ongoing offerings through The Academy gave him “honest time to self-reflect,” which allowed him to evaluate both his strengths as well as see opportunities to become a better employee.

And it hasn’t always been a straight path up. Kowsky recognizes the importance of moving laterally to deepen his skill set, and sometimes staying in a role a little longer to gain extra confidence. “It’s more like a jungle gym than a ladder.” The Academy has greatly helped him navigate this non-linear approach, helping him see his attributes and passions and focusing his growth around the areas that really matter to him.

For Kowsky, his passion is helping customers realize the potential in their lives. He remembers a time a woman came into his financial center wanting to know if she could take her baking hobby and transform it into a business. Kowsky connected her with a Small Business Consultant as well as a Merrill Financial Solutions Advisor, and through extensive conversation they determined that she could indeed pursue her dream. The customer was so overwhelmed and emotional that she put her head down on the table. “It’s a powerful moment that we have with clients to really make a difference, and we have to honor that responsibility. That’s the reason why that self-reflection and development is important.”    


Enabling a world-class workforce

At its core, The Academy is a high-touch and high-tech growth strategy, blending personal connections with innovative learning paths. The most distinct touch point is a partnership with an Academy Manager from the moment of hire and throughout training. Academy Managers stay closely connected as new hires progress and develop the skillset required for success in their role.