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Welcome to The Academy at Bank of America

The Academy is Bank of America’s investment in people — we invest in you so you can develop your skills and grow your career. We put people first by providing world-class onboarding, education and professional development opportunities to our 200,000+ teammates, and we do so to help you succeed. Your individual success drives our company’s collective success. Together we work to drive Responsible Growth and deliver an exceptional experience for every one of our customers.

ON SCREEN COPY: As we continue to drive responsible growth and make Bank of America a great place to work. We believe in acquiring the best talent.

Visual of a male Bank of America employee wearing a business suit, sitting at a desk with a computer monitor, keyboard, and phone, smiling and talking to a woman seated across from him.

ON SCREEN COPY: We believe in retaining the best talent. We believe in building expertise.

Visual of a man wearing a headset sitting at a desk, which holds a keyboard and multiple computer monitors, speaking with a woman on a computer monitor via video conference.

ON SCREEN COPY: Contributing to a culture of internal mobility and career growth. All of which helps us to serve our clients better.

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ON SCREEN COPY: We invest in your success.

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ON SCREEN COPY: Guided by our culture of integrity, The Academy at Bank of America Onboards.

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Visual of a classroom setting, a man in a business suit stands at the front of the room, pointing to words on a chalkboard, with a large monitor behind him, while a diverse group of people wearing business attire sit at desks and look up at him.


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ON SCREEN COPY: All Bank of America teammates in over 3,000 roles and the communities we serve.

Visual of two Bank of America employees wearing volunteer t-shirts, stacking up canned goods near a brick building. Visual of a group of Bank of America employees, wearing volunteer t-shirts, clapping, waving, and cheering. Visual of Bank of America employees walking down a hallway wearing t-shirts that read community volunteer.

ON SCREEN COPY: Through experiences that are High-tech.

Visual of two people in an office setting wearing virtual reality headsets.

ON SCREEN COPY: High-touch.

Visual of a woman and man in business attire, sitting at a table together and looking at a laptop.


Visual of a person’s hand using a mouse and keyboard. Visual of a woman leaning in to point at something on a computer monitor next to a man wearing headphones, who looks up at her.

ON SCREEN COPY: We’re driven by industry data, best practices, your feedback, leaders who listen and act, client satisfaction, and our values, and our purpose. Deliver together. Act responsibly. Realize the power of our people. Trust the team. Our purpose: To help make financial lives better through the power of every connection

Visual of a woman in a black coat in a lobby, framed by large glass windows and doors, shaking hands with a man in a business suit. Visual of a woman in a light blue shirt, smiling and talking with another person in an office setting.

ON SCREEN COPY: We are The Academy at Bank of America. Bank of America logo. Learn more: Visit careers.bankofamerica.com

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How The Academy supports your career journey

We begin building your foundation for success from the time you join the company, starting with a world-class onboarding experience and expert coaches who get you ready for your new role. Once you’ve mastered the basics, The Academy offers you robust coursework via structured education and on-demand learning, stretching you in new ways. You’ll deepen your knowledge and acquire advanced expertise as you hone the skills to support your internal mobility and continued success.

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The Academy is an industry-leader in immersive learning. Our use of virtual reality and artificial intelligence will push your career readiness to the next level, enabling you to polish and perfect the skills you need to be successful today, and tomorrow.

At Bank of America, our teammates are our most important asset, and helping you grow your career is just one of the many ways we help make this a Great Place to Work. No matter where you are in your career or what experience you bring, The Academy supports you every step along the way.

The Academy invests in you so you can develop your skills,
grow your career and be the best you possible.