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GWIM Senior Operations Representative - Cost Basis Support

Pennington, New Jersey

Job Description:

Job Description

GWIM Tax Reporting Operations is responsible for multiple tax related functions to support IRS and State regulatory required tax reporting, withholding payments, and cost basis updates, primarily on behalf of GWIM investment and retirement accounts. The GWIM Senior Operations Representative will be a key member of our Cost Basis Support Team. This team handles branch inquiries and update requests received from clients to Front Line Units submitted via New Service Gateway and email in regards to updates and research of cost basis reflecting in our Global Tax Lots system. A successful candidate will have some experience working with financial statements and records with an emphasis on attention to detail. Tax Reporting Operations is responsible for accurate reporting of covered securities and tax lots to the Internal Revenue Service so the ability to update tax lot records accurately and efficiently is required.

Key Responsibilities:
Handles New Service Gateway and email requests pertaining to Cost Basis updates for Date of Death, Capital Change, Corporate Actions, Versus Purchase, 
Maintains current tax lots and for unrealized and realized gains/losses.
Liaison between internal units/departments and Branch Offices in the immediate resolution of all problems related to Cost Basis and Tax Reporting.

Other duties as assigned.

Required skills:

Overtime may be required to support business needs, especially during Tax Season (Jan – Apr).
Excellent interpersonal skills
Proven ability to effectively service/resolve client inquiries
Strong oral and written communication skills
Ability to work effectively and efficiently as an individual contributor in a team environment
Positive and professional attitude in a team oriented fast paced work environment
Strong analytical and problem solving skills
Be able to adhere to the industry and IRS rules and regulations

Desired skills:

Proficient with Microsoft Office, Outlook, Word and Excel
Strong understanding of rules and regulations, policies and standards
Ability to create and/or run macros.
College Degree preferred

Initially you may be required to work from home and/or remotely in this role: 
o    Internet Service Provider at home (no public WiFi or Internet)(high speed internet access and a secure or password-protected internet connection)
o    Sufficient room to set up a laptop, monitor, keyboard and mouse
o    Comfortable space to work for a full shift 
o    Quiet, private and SECURE space in which to work


1st shift (United States of America)

Hours Per Week: 


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Full time


Manages People: No

Travel: No


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Street Address

Primary Location:
1500 AMERICAN BLVD, NJ, Pennington, 08534