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Digital Forensics Analyst

Addison, Texas

Job Description:

The Digital Forensics (DF) team is a reactive investigations team that respond to events or incidents to identify and mitigate or reduce risk to the Bank. A variety of matters are investigated whether they are information security related or assisting in an investigation for our existing stakeholders by forensically preserving and analyzing digital evidence and presenting the findings.

The role of the Digital Forensics Analyst will be to examine digital media in a forensically sound manner with the aim of identifying, preserving, recovering, analyzing and presenting facts about the digital information.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
• Recover data from computer hard drives and other data storage devices that have been deleted, damaged or otherwise manipulated
• Use forensic tools and investigative methods to find specific electronic data
• Analyze data and evaluate its relevance to the case under investigation
• Document each stage of the investigation and maintain a focus on case logs, repeatability and chain of custody
• Present findings via written reports and orally to key stakeholders in clear and concise language
• Testify in court when required
• Case assignment and MI reporting when required
• Risk management

Required Skills:
• EnCE (Encase Certified Examiner) is essential
• CFCE (The International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists) – Foundation Level knowledge
• CCE (The International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners) – Foundation Level Knowledge
• ACE (Access Data Certified Examiner) is desired
• Bachelors in Computer Science is desired
• Excellent Communications skills to enable rapport to be built with Stakeholders and colleagues
• Technical skills to allow a process to be followed methodically and systematically as well as troubleshooting
• An investigative mind to be able to learn and discover how unfamiliar technology works
• Excellent organizational skills to manage caseload, projects and ad hoc requests
• Ability to present both in the written form and orally and adapt communication style to the audience
• Report writing skills
• Project Management skills
• Responsive, reactive and proactive
• Able to switch mindset and wear many hats (e.g investigator, interviewer, trouble-shooter) without impacting performance


1st shift (United States of America)

Hours Per Week: 


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Full time


Manages People: No

Travel: No


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Primary Location:
16001 N Dallas Pkwy, TX, Addison, 75001