Colleagues walking and talking out in a city

Shared Interests

It’s the personal connections our employees make with each other that help build our strong and inclusive workplace. Clubs, employee networks, ongoing activities and annual events nurture friendships and foster engagement within and across departments. We appreciate the value of these connections and are proud to facilitate opportunities for employees to grow, learn and connect through shared interests.

Inside a gallery at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Connecting through museums and cultural events

Our support of arts and cultural organizations means that employees have premium access to museums and cultural institutions in communities large and small around the world, at little to no cost.


We encourage employees to get together, visit local museums and partake in community events. For example, employees have:


  • Attended an LGBTQ+ Pride Art tour at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, focusing on LGBTQ+ themed art in the collection.
  • Visited the Museo de Memoria y Tolerancia in Mexico, a museum that strives to promote tolerance, diversity, dialogue and empathy.
  • Taken a guided tour of the city of Chester, United Kingdom, including the Military Museum and Agricola Tower.
  • Attended the Chicago Symphony Orchestra during their tour of Asia.
Aerial view of people skating on ice skating rink

Located in the heart of New York City, the Bank of America Winter Village comes alive for the holiday season. Employees and the public alike come out to lace up and enjoy the skating rink, take in musical and athletic performances, and browse an open-air holiday market.

Aerial view of people skating on ice skating rink

Shared interests and annual events

In addition to clubs, offices across the company participate in annual events, often in the form of games and friendly competition.

  • In Charlotte, the Global HR FUN Committee hosts a football tailgate to celebrate the opening of the Carolina Panthers’ season. Employees are encouraged to wear their favorite NFL or college team attire, meet for lunch and cheer on their favorite team. Touchdown dances are optional.
  • In Hong Kong, the IGEN Employee Network hosts a sports tournament that gives inter-generational colleagues the opportunity to connect through friendly competitions like basketball, volleyball and darts. The tournament also includes games in which employees can bring their families and compete together.
  • The UK-based GT&O team hosts an annual table tennis tournament, most recently featuring 50 competitors and raising more than £1,000 for the Magic Breakfast Charity.
Close-up of woman smiling while hiking

Get Active! inspires good health and community

Whether you exercise regularly or are looking for ways to build a healthier lifestyle, Get Active! is a fun way to accomplish your goals. Each year, our journey to good health includes a physical activity challenge with teammates. As part of this popular wellness program, you can form teams, encourage each other to engage in healthy activities, track your progress and have fun getting to know your teammates. By clocking your steps, burning extra calories or trying a new sport, you and your teammates cheer each other on as you pull together to cross the finish line.