Bank of America employee networks

Employee Networks are a key part of our culture of inclusion and provide tremendous opportunities to meet new people, have an impact across multiple business lines and grow personally and professionally.

Connecting with others at all levels outside of your normal business routine expands your network and perspective – and deepens your level of understanding and compassion.


Four employees talking to each other at a company event Four employees talking to each other at a company event Four employees talking to each other at a company event


Our Employee Networks are formally recognized, bank supported groups that provide employees with opportunities to connect with each other to develop leadership skills, build strong ties with our communities, broaden views of diversity and address issues that matter. We have 11 Employee Networks with more than 280 chapters made up of more than 140,000 memberships worldwide.

  • One in every four employees is a member of at least one Employee Network.
  • Networks coordinate thousands of events each year, focusing on business strategy, courageous conversations and giving back to communities.
  • Our Employee Network portal makes it easy for new members to join and existing members to sign up for events.

Asian Leadership Network (ALN)

ALN engages members through cultural heritage programs, community involvement and professional development. Throughout the year, ALN chapters across the bank share their rich culture by hosting celebrations – such as Lunar New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, Diwali and Asian Heritage month – as well as panel discussions and webinars. ALN members also give back to their communities through local service events, financial literacy courses and food distribution efforts.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender + Pride (LGBT+ Pride)

LGBT+ Pride is dedicated to promoting a safe, equitable and inclusive environment for LGBT+ employees and to fostering a workplace that recruits, develops and retains top LGBT+ talent. The ‘+’ sign is inclusive of all identities, has no limit and includes those who don’t identify with a particular label. LGBT+ Pride chapters advocate for LGBT+ employees and clients by hosting local and enterprise events, creating networking and educational opportunities, building awareness and increasing support – including the launch of the Ally Program, now 25,000+ strong, to drive positive change and engagement.

Black Professional Group (BPG)

BPG is committed to advancing the professional development of employees with ties to African American, West Indian, Caribbean and African heritages. The network focuses on recruiting new talent, retaining and promoting current employees and offering mentoring to help develop leadership potential. BPG also hosts a number of events throughout the year — live and virtual — to create awareness and encourage conversations about social and economic issues.

Military Support & Assistance Group (MSAG)

MSAG provides professional growth and advancement opportunities for military employees, their families and friends through networking, mentoring, volunteer events and information forums. The network has received recognition from business and veterans groups for its outreach efforts, partnerships and work demonstrating diversity and inclusion. 

Disability Action Network (DAN)

DAN supports employees with disabilities, as well as employees who have family members, friends or clients with disabilities, by connecting them to opportunities for professional growth and development, holding information and education forums, and providing opportunities for community involvement. DAN members also educate our company on issues for those affected by disabilities by holding employee and community events focused on special needs planning, resources for children with learning disabilities, Alzheimer’s and eldercare, diabetes and disability etiquette and services available at the bank. 

Culture & Heritage Network

The Culture & Heritage Network (CHN) is a global employee network group that recognizes and celebrates aspects of employees’ lives and experiences that are shaped by culture, heritage, and ethnicity.

Hispanic/Latino Organization for Leadership & Advancement (HOLA)

HOLA is committed to helping Bank of America attract, engage, develop and retain its Hispanic/Latino employees. HOLA provides a forum through which its members can gain access to mentoring and networking opportunities with senior leaders at the bank and participate in community service. Every year, HOLA hosts local and virtual events around the country in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, including family picnics, presentations by community leaders and signature cultural events.

Native American Professional Network (NAPN)

NAPN focuses on the recruitment, retention and career development of Native Americans, Alaskan Natives and Hawaiian Natives at the bank. NAPN members actively promote financial education in Native American territories and communities, and help raise awareness of Native business opportunities and cultural issues.

Inter-Generational Employee Network (IGEN)

Spanning five generations – Traditionalist, Baby Boomer, Gen X, Millennial and Gen Z – IGEN explores diversity through a generational ‘lens’ and promotes generational diversity as a necessary component of an inclusive corporate environment by raising visibility, driving awareness and encouraging opportunities for employees and the company. IGEN promotes leadership and professional growth through mentoring, meaningful dialogue and by leveraging the unique strengths of a network whose members represent diverse generational experiences working together for common goals.

Parents & Caregivers Network (PCN)

PCN brings together employees with caregiving responsibilities for children, other family members and loved ones. Through local and virtual events and initiatives, members assist one another in managing work, family and other caring responsibilities by sharing resources, experiences and providing guidance and encouragement.

Leadership, Education, Advocacy & Development for Women (LEAD for Women)

LEAD for Women promotes professional development to help attract, develop, advance and retain female professionals at all levels of our company. LEAD provides opportunities for employees to learn and grow through mentoring, educational events and community action, while also cultivating personal and professional relationships to last a lifetime.