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Global Technology Careers

We see things differently

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. Our Global Technology team delivers a wide range of services across the bank’s eight lines of business which support individuals, companies and institutions. The team invests significantly in technology, whether it’s launching industry-leading capabilities that improve our clients’ financial lives, protecting the bank’s and our clients’ information or making it faster and more seamless to serve our clients.

Your work at Bank of America has a chance to be in the hands of millions of customers quickly – take, for example, the 56 million digital banking users in 2022 alone. We go beyond apps, we have a variety of technical areas and lines of business you can focus on or rotate into if you are curious to learn new things. With focus areas in cyber security, AI, machine learning and more, you will stay challenged and have opportunities to hone your craft or grow across the organization, giving you the power to develop a career you’re proud of.

As a member of the team, you will use our leading technology solutions and integrated platforms to ensure that our customers and clients can effectively manage their finances and bank with us anytime, anywhere. The technology team’s new and better tools can help a small-business owner grow their company, help a couple buy their first home or plan for retirement, or help a large corporation to raise capital for expansion into new overseas markets.

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“If you want to work in a high-impact area of tech that helps better people’s financial lives at scale, a place where you will learn and collaborate with amazing people, Bank of America is for you.”


Aditya Bhasin, Chief Technology Officer

Academy for Global Technology

The Academy at Bank of America is our award-winning onboarding, education and professional development organization dedicated to our employee’s growth and success. From onboarding, and continuing through the many stops on your career journey. The Academy for Global Technology is your go-to resource for learning and continued education. You will have access to innovative, high-tech programs to enrich your learning experience.

The best part? We meet the learner where they are, in the time that works for them with offering the combination of classroom training and over 100 self-paced on demand learning programs. That is how we have reached over 54,000 teammates that have completed 1.4 million education opportunities! From cloud technology to advanced programming languages, we continue to add to our program library to provide our teammates cutting edge training and resources as part of our commitment to being a great place to work.

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We are more than just a bank

Team of three people collaborating in office Team of three people collaborating in office

At Bank of America, we make the necessary investments in our people and technologies to keep our clients’ information secure and maintain their trust. This investment includes more that $1B in cyber security alone, and a team of nearly 3,000 experts working around the clock. Our Global Information Security team recently recorded its 1,000th patent application and was named “Hot Company Security of the Year” by cyber defense magazine in 2022. The team protects the data of one of the world’s largest financial institutions, covering every individual, small- and middle- market business and large corporation we serve, across every product and service we offer in the U.S. and across more than 35 countries. 

Day in the life

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What it's like to be a female technologist at Bank of America is a wonderful and empowering experience. Each and every day I get to work with wonderful people of all different backgrounds and diversities and women just like me. We're able to elevate, challenge each other as a response and recovery executive at Bank of America, we're responsible for responding to any information, security, event or incident that has the ability to impact the firm's integrity, availability or confidentiality of our data or systems.

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So we are really on the front line ensuring that the bank remains safe and secure for all of our customers, employees.

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Careers Areas

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Cyber Scurity defense

As technology changes, our clients are looking for ways to keep their money safe. Our products and services are designed with security in mind. Our goal is to provide an optimal customer experience by securing client data, regardless of how customers interact with us.

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Workforce Strategy

A diverse and supported workforce is the backbone of a successful cyber security program. The Workforce Strategy identifies, cultivates and maintains an integrated information security team through employee engagement, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and employee talent and development programs.

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Third Party

An information security team is only as strong as its partners. Our goal is to ensure our partners are held to the same high standards we set and maintain for ourselves, creating a set of shared norms and elevated practices that make the sector as a whole a stronger and more secure environment.

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(Stirring music)


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(Machines beeping)


00:00:05:04 - 00:00:07:20

- [Narrator] Some people see

the world in black and white,


00:00:07:20 - 00:00:09:19

we see things differently.


00:00:09:19 - 00:00:13:12

In a world of gray, where systems are questioned


00:00:13:12 - 00:00:15:02

and the status quo challenged.


00:00:15:02 - 00:00:17:03

- That's why we have

the power to outperform.


00:00:17:03 - 00:00:19:13

- [Narrator] Bank of America

is the second largest bank


00:00:19:13 - 00:00:23:03

in the United States and

moves over $1 trillion daily


00:00:23:03 - 00:00:24:18

across global economies.


00:00:24:18 - 00:00:28:10

And we have created a

multi-tier global security team


00:00:28:10 - 00:00:29:19

that is parallel to none.


00:00:29:19 - 00:00:31:11

- 17 years, cyber security.


00:00:31:11 - 00:00:32:23

- Six years, cybersecurity.


00:00:32:23 - 00:00:35:08

- 30 years’ experience in information security


00:00:35:08 - 00:00:36:18

with US Special Operations.


00:00:36:18 - 00:00:37:14

- Four years.


00:00:37:14 - 00:00:38:10

- Five years.


00:00:38:10 - 00:00:39:06

- Three years, cybersecurity.


00:00:39:06 - 00:00:41:07

- 20 years of Global Information Security.


00:00:41:07 - 00:00:43:12

- 25 years in cyber security,


00:00:43:12 - 00:00:46:03

and Bank of America's chief

information security officer.


00:00:46:03 - 00:00:48:08

- [Narrator] We are a

diverse, united front


00:00:48:08 - 00:00:51:07

with vast experiences

and unique backgrounds.


00:00:51:07 - 00:00:53:13

This gives us the inside edge


00:00:53:13 - 00:00:56:06

to achieve extraordinary performance.


00:00:56:06 - 00:00:57:22

- We are prepared for the now.


00:00:57:22 - 00:01:00:05

- And for the future and what it holds.


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- [Narrator] No two days are alike


00:01:01:18 - 00:01:04:15

and we rapidly react to

changing circumstances.


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(Texts tapping)


00:01:06:06 - 00:01:08:15

Housed around the world, Bank of America


00:01:08:15 - 00:01:12:11

has a strategic network of

hyperconnected operation centers


00:01:12:11 - 00:01:15:01

with state-of-the-art cybersecurity.


00:01:15:01 - 00:01:18:12

Billions of bits of information

are constantly under attack.


00:01:18:12 - 00:01:21:08

As our world becomes more

reliant on technology,


00:01:21:08 - 00:01:24:16

the cyber threat is only.

going to increase in intensity


00:01:24:16 - 00:01:25:20

and volume.


00:01:25:20 - 00:01:29:15

That's why we rigorously.

defend, detect, and respond


00:01:29:15 - 00:01:31:23

to threats with an agility to outperform


00:01:31:23 - 00:01:35:05

even the most sophisticated

cyber adversaries.


00:01:35:05 - 00:01:38:09

- Our 800 plus global

security operations experts


00:01:38:09 - 00:01:39:13

have thousands of years


00:01:39:13 - 00:01:41:22

of hands-on investigative experience.


00:01:41:22 - 00:01:45:19

- 17 years, Bank of America,

five years, cyber security.


00:01:45:19 - 00:01:47:03

- Five years in cyber security.


00:01:47:03 - 00:01:49:00

- Three years of security

operations center.


00:01:49:00 - 00:01:51:04

- 17 years finance technology.


00:01:51:04 - 00:01:53:05

- Three years, Global

Information Security.


00:01:53:05 - 00:01:55:06

- Two years in cyber threat intelligence.


00:01:55:06 - 00:01:57:05

- Six years, Global Information Security.


00:01:57:05 - 00:01:58:02

- 33 years.


00:01:58:02 - 00:01:59:04

- 20 years.


00:01:59:04 - 00:02:00:04

- Bank of America.


00:02:01:10 - 00:02:02:16

- The power to protect.


00:02:02:16 - 00:02:04:01

- The power to challenge.


00:02:04:01 - 00:02:05:17

- We are a collaborative workforce.


00:02:05:17 - 00:02:07:04

- And we know that the right answer


00:02:07:04 - 00:02:08:22

can come from anyone and anywhere.


00:02:08:22 - 00:02:11:22

- We are always looking for

a better way to do things.


00:02:11:22 - 00:02:13:16

- [Narrator] We think and act boldly


00:02:13:16 - 00:02:15:13

and we question everything.


00:02:15:13 - 00:02:18:08

We foresee problems before

they actually arise.


00:02:18:08 - 00:02:21:08

And we create solutions.

before they're even needed.


00:02:21:08 - 00:02:23:00

- We are passionate and committed


00:02:23:00 - 00:02:24:20

to the security of Bank of America.


00:02:26:05 - 00:02:28:07

- [Narrator] We utilize

world class analytics


00:02:28:07 - 00:02:31:16

and data science capabilities

to map our adversaries.


00:02:31:16 - 00:02:33:00

- And we disrupt them.


00:02:33:00 - 00:02:36:06

- [Narrator] We're purposeful

around protecting our clients


00:02:36:06 - 00:02:38:04

and the entire global enterprise.


00:02:40:22 - 00:02:43:05

- The power to connect.


00:02:43:05 - 00:02:44:10

- The power of doing what's right.


00:02:44:10 - 00:02:47:02

- To keep our clients

and communities safe.


00:02:47:02 - 00:02:47:22

- We are...


00:02:47:22 - 00:02:48:18

- [Whole Group] Bank of America.


00:02:48:18 - 00:02:50:12

Global Information Security.


00:02:50:12 - 00:02:51:12

- Bank of America.


00:02:51:12 - 00:02:53:08

Global Information Security.


00:02:53:08 - 00:02:54:22

- [Narrator] Bank of America.


00:02:54:22 - 00:02:58:04

Global Information Security


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Awards & Recognition

Environment, Social & Governance

American Carbon Registry: Bank of America received the 2022 American Carbon Registry (ACR) Corporate Excellence award for ambitious corporate climate action.

American Heart Association: Bank of America received the Gold level recognition in its 2022 Workplace Health Achievement Index.

Barron’s: Listed Bank of America on the 100 Most sustainable Companies list for 2022.


American Financial Technology Awards: Honored Bank of America with the 2022 Best Infrastructure Initiative Award.

Built In: Awarded one of the ’22 companies spearheading digital innovation in their industries in 2021.

Forrester: Bank of America received the Enterprise Architecture Award and tied No. 1 Overall Digital Experience (4th consecutive win).

Fortune’s Most Innovative Companies: Earned a #18 ranking on Fortune’s list of America’s Most Innovative Companies. The list honors the top 300 companies who are transforming industries from the inside out.

Products and Services

Auto Finance News: Received the Auto Finance Excellence Award.

Banking Tech Awards: Best Digital Initiative for Bank of America Mobile App.

Bankrate: Named “Best for Bank of America Loyalists”, “Best for Choice of Cash Back Category”, and “2021 Best Online Brokers for Stock Trading”.

Explore oppertunities: Link out to apply page filtered for Global Tech.

For more award, please visit the Award & Recognition

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