Our vision and commitment to innovation

We live in a time when technological advancements are creating unprecedented opportunities to make financial services more innovative, seamless and convenient. We are combining our industry-leading expertise with cutting-edge technology to build smart, forward-thinking solutions that enable us to continue leading the way in helping people live better financial lives, as well as companies and institutional investors improve their financial performance.

High-tech and high-touch

Whether it’s through digital or physical interactions, our job is to make it easy to provide the technology tools and resources so our clients can bank how and where they want to. We are transforming the banking landscape through innovative products and services such as:

  • Erica, the industry’s first widely-available artificial intelligence-driven virtual assistant to help clients manage their finances.
  • Zelle, the simple and secure way to send and receive money – even split a dinner check – with friends and family, no matter where they bank.
  • Merrill Guided Investing (MGI), an online advisory program that offers portfolio management strategies directed by our Chief Investment Office.

We’re also evolving our financial centers to accommodate both the growing demand for a digital environment and the face-to-face financial expertise our clients continue to want. Newly-renovated financial centers have been transformed into comfortable and inviting places for clients to get advice from experts on all aspects of their financial lives, and include dedicated learning spaces and interactive tools to enhance the high-tech, high-touch experience.

The Responsible use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Person holding phone with application showing on screen Person holding phone with application showing on screen Person holding phone with application showing on screen

The Responsible use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We’re innovators and thought-leaders in the use of leading technologies in financial services, including AI. Increasingly, AI is helping us understand our clients’ evolving expectations, improve how we serve them efficiently and reliably, and enhance risk and financial management.


We also know that any technology can carry risks when not used responsibly. That’s why we are a founding sponsor of the Harvard Kennedy School’s Council on the Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence. The council convenes leaders from government, business, academia and civic society, to balance the client opportunities with the need to reskill tomorrow’s workforce.


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Commitment to innovation

We’re proud of our culture of innovation. In today’s rapidly changing marketplace, we believe that everyone should be empowered to innovate and learn new skills. At Bank of America, our focus takes several forms:

  • We lead in intellectual property, with more patents and applications than any other bank. Of the 300 organizations recognized by the Intellectual Property Owners Association, we are the highest-ranking bank. We encourage invention, with thousands of inventors globally, and a robust process for submitting patent ideas.
  • Global Technology & Operations University supports our employees’ lifelong career goals by providing the knowledge and skills, through contemporary learning solutions, for the GT&O roles of today and the future.  
  • DevCon is just one of our regularly hosted internal conferences focused on giving technologists the opportunity to share their ideas and creativity with people across the company who share their passion, regardless of business area or location.


Two women talking over information on screen

Diversity & Inclusion in GT&O

A diverse and inclusive environment fosters fresh thinking and innovation. We’re committed to diversity and inclusivity across GT&O as the right thing to do – and the smart thing to do. A key area includes women in technology, where we are helping to build a strong pipeline of talent both for today and for the future. Our efforts range from partnering with organizations like Girls Who Code, to sponsoring key conferences such as the annual Grace Hopper Celebration, to supporting employee advocacy groups like Women in Technology & Operations, which enhances the professional development of women across GT&O. We were named winner of the Top Companies for Women Technologists by the Anita B.org Institute in 2019 for the second consecutive year.