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Global Banking & Markets

Global Markets

The Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Markets group is a premier provider of sales, trading, structuring and advisory services to money managers, hedge funds, pension funds, endowments, financial institutions, governments and corporations around the world.

Our business has a major presence in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Pacific Rim, serving clients in virtually all countries in these regions.

By leveraging local relationships and broad global capabilities, Bank of America Merrill Lynch provides our clients with ideas, market insight, trading services, analytics and new products across a broad spectrum of asset classes. These range from interest rate and credit products, foreign exchange, real estate and commodities to cash equities and equity-linked -- all with the goal of enabling clients to maximise their performance

Global Research

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research expertise is at the core of the value proposition we offer to clients. It is an integral component of the product offerings in our Global Markets & Investment Banking Client groups. We achieve research excellence through the quality of our staff, the breadth and depth of our global resources and our product commitment.

The company’s research analysts provide insightful, objective and decisive research that is designed to enable clients to make informed investment decisions.

Global Corporate & Investment Banking

Global Corporate & Investment Banking (GCIB) provides large U.S., global corporations and financial institutions with merger and acquisition advice, lending, risk management, treasury and liquidity and payments management. GCIB also works in close coordination with our Global Markets product specialists to provide clients with innovative equity and debt capital raising and financing solutions.

Combining a dominant corporate bank and world-class investment bank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch has created a financial powerhouse of deep industry, regional, product and strategic expertise serving clients in over 150 countries through more than 40 offices across the world.

As the bank of choice for 99% of the U.S. Fortune 500 and 96% of the Global Fortune 500, Bank of America Merrill Lynch is the place to be for talented professionals who are serious about seizing opportunities to make a difference and helping to shape the future of global banking.

Global Technology & Operations

At Bank of America Merrill Lynch, our Global Technology & Operations (GT&O) teammates work from office locations in 40 countries around the world. Along with being an innovative leader in technology, we offer progressive learning experiences, recognition for T&O excellence, support for diversity goals, advancement of women and other ways to ensure excellent career opportunities.

Our GT&O team provides end-to-end technology and fulfillment to approximately 58 million consumer households, small businesses, corporate and institutional relationships as well as wealth and investment management clients. Also, as one of the most global organizations at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, GT&O has been established in some countries for more than 50 years.

By managing the company's global infrastructure and ensuring our ability to deliver an improved experience to clients around the world, our GT&O team plays an important role at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and is uniquely positioned to influence how financial services are conducted now and in the years ahead.


Quartz is revolutionizing the way Global Markets does business at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Quartz will become the single platform for pricing trades, managing positions, and computing risk exposure. It is a part of a multi-year effort to build a cross-asset, front-to-back risk and trading system.

Thousands of developers are using the platform to deliver applications to thousands of end users. As a part of the Quartz team, you will contribute to the technology that will define the future of our business.

You will work with a cutting-edge, massive-scale, highly-agile technology stack, including:

  • A shared Python based environment for agile development
  • Globally distributed object-oriented petabyte-class databases
  • Linux compute farms on-tap
  • A core framework of reusable business objects
  • A multi-million line code base
  • Automated tools for testing, integration, and global application deployment

Our developer community is our greatest asset. We invest in training and mentoring to improve technical and business skills through virtual, self-guided and in person training.

Corporate Staff & Support

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Corporate Staff & Support teams align with lines of business across the company to provide functional and logistical value.

Careers within these groups are typically concentrated in one of the following specialized areas:

Corporate Audit

Corporate Audit is a global team responsible for providing independent assessments of business activities throughout Bank of America Merrill Lynch. This group supports how the company manages risk by determining whether controls over key risks are in place and functioning properly. Corporate Audit also makes recommendations to management in support of Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s strategies and business objectives. Our Corporate Audit team reports directly to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors to maintain independence.

Our Credit Review team provides an independent assessment of credit risk and the quality of credit processes. These assessments are provided to executive management, the Board of Directors, regulators and other stakeholders.

Global Compliance

Global Compliance is an independent, centralized governance and control function with responsibility for proactively managing compliance risk. This is the risk of legal or regulatory sanctions, material financial loss or damage to the reputation of the company arising from the failure of the company to comply with requirements of applicable banking and financial services laws, rules, and regulations, related self-regulatory organization standards and codes of conduct.

CFO Group/Finance

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Group serves a number of essential functions within Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Key organizations within the CFO Group include:

  • Corporate Investments manage the company’s discretionary portfolio and interest rate risk.
  • Corporate Treasury is responsible for providing world-class management of the company’s interest rate and liquidity risks using a state of the art framework for balancing the tradeoffs between risk and return. Our Treasury team's primary responsibilities include funding the company’s balance sheet, forecasting net interest income, managing relationships with rating agencies and fixed income investors and analyzing interest rate and liquidity risks.
  • Corporate Planning & Strategy researches and recommends potential strategic acquisitions, divestitures and other business opportunities for the corporation.
  • Corporate Workplace is responsible for 125 million square feet of bank-owned space and occupies facilities in 45 countries worldwide. Our team provides secure workspaces and delivers strategic real estate solutions that complement our line of business and Enterprise business objectives.
  • Enterprise Capital Management (ECM) is responsible for leading capital management across the company. This centralized team helps to ensure efficient and proactive management of economic and regulatory capital. Our team works closely with other organizations at the bank including Risk, Technology, Finance, Treasury and the lines of business to ensure the appropriate level of governance to help define and execute the bank’s capital management strategy.
  • Within Finance, line-of-business CFOs have key responsibilities for managing and providing strategic guidance to the business. The Chief Accounting Officer oversees the business controllers, focused on financial reporting, controls, regulatory guidance and policies and procedures. The Finance functions are responsible for strategic financial planning, forecasting and analysis processes; oversight of the internal control environment; financial reporting and strategic cost measurement.
  • Our Financial Analysis team assesses the competitive position and performance of each of the businesses, identifying strategic priorities for the corporation and recommending alternatives.
  • Financial Services includes Accounts Payable, Finance Operations, Global Sourcing, Enterprise Services and change management functions. This group maintains the underlying tools to facilitate financial performance, focused on technology systems and platforms, process excellence and operational risk.
  • Global Principal Investments on behalf of the Enterprise invests capital to enhance strategic growth opportunities and generate returns.
  • Investor Relations creates and implements programs to keep the financial community current on company performance and industry trends.

Global Human Resources

We recognize that talented, engaged and satisfied employees are the foundation to help make our customers’ and clients’ financial lives better. Our Global Human Resources team is focused on making Bank of America Merrill Lynch a great place for people to work by creating an environment where all employees have the opportunity to achieve their goals. We align human resources strategy to the business strategy, enabling the company to connect with customers and clients by attracting, developing and retaining a world-class workforce.

In addition to advising our clients on a wide variety of topics, our Global Human Resources team helps the company provide comprehensive and competitive benefits, development opportunities and an inclusive workplace for our employees worldwide. Global Human Resources employees must display strong business acumen, strategic partnership skills and a commitment to realizing the power of our people. Our HR teams consist of Global Staffing, Global Mobility, Learning, Leadership Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Advisory Services, HR Business Controls, Compensation and Benefits and Corporate Security.

Global Marketing & Corporate Affairs

The mission of Global Marketing & Corporate Affairs (GM&CA) is to proactively build, advance and protect the Company’s brand, interests and reputation globally. GM&CA is comprised of the following teams: Enterprise Marketing and Local Delivery, Global Corporate Communications and Public Policy, Global Corporate Social Responsibility, Consumer Marketing, and Global Wealth and Investment Management Marketing.

Our integrated structure ensures strong, coordinated and strategic management of communications activities with our customers, employees and shareholders.


The Legal Department is comprised of attorneys, paralegals and support staff located across the globe that manage the bank’s legal affairs and legal risks. Our Legal Department provides professional legal services for Bank of America Merrill Lynch and its subsidiaries by addressing legal risks, providing creative solutions and identifying opportunities for our business partners. As a key control partner for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, we understand the businesses we support and their ultimate customer, shareholder and employee goals. This department works closely with our Risk partners, including Compliance, Audit, Tax and Finance to identify and implement both best practices and legally compliant policies and procedures across the company's business and support unit activities.

Global Risk Management

Global Risk Management is led by the Company’s Chief Risk Officer (CRO), who has the mandate, authority and independence needed to develop and implement meaningful risk management measures and guide management in managing risk. Our Global Risk Management is organized into Enterprise risk teams and independent business risk teams that work collaboratively in executing their respective duties:

  • Enterprise risk teams establish policies and standards and oversee risk management programs and assess program adherence. Our teams also provide Company level risk oversight and monitors and reports on systemic and emerging risk issues. These teams also ensure that risk profiles within their functions remain within specified limits and align with the Company’s risk appetite.
  • Independent business risk teams, together with the other Governance and Control Functions, establish and oversee the risk management governance structure for the Businesses including business-specific policies, limits, standards, controls, metrics and thresholds in line with the company and business-specific risk appetite statements. Our independent business risk teams must adhere to programs and policies established by the Enterprise risk teams. These teams also ensure appropriate escalation when a limit is exceeded.