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What happens when purpose drives progress?

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Disclosure: Please see important information at the end of this video.

NARRATOR: What’s the difference between a financial advisor and a financial advisor at Merrill?​

NARRATOR: For starters—with the insights of Merrill plus all Bank of America has to offer—our Merrill financial advisors can build their own career paths.​


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With powerful support, dedicated training and experienced mentors to set them up for success.​

Onscreen copy:

Raj Sharma | Private Wealth Advisor

RAJ: There is no ceiling as far as the achievement level is concerned. You can set any goal for yourself.​

NARRATOR: They use the latest technology, digital tools and access to BofA global research. For more efficiency, more insight and more control.​

Onscreen copy:

Lisa Kent | Wealth Management Advisor

LISA: To have access to all manner of services and opportunities and using the technology available makes it much easier for me to deliver what I need to my clients.


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NARRATOR: Our advisors can see—and help deliver on—their client’s full financial picture. With investing from Merrill, and access to banking and lending from Bank of America.​ And connect at a personal level to help them reach their goals.​

Onscreen copy:

Brandon Bergstrom | Senior Financial Advisor

BRANDON: You have this firm with vast resources and yet the client experience feels like a boutique.

NARRATOR: They’re proud of who they are, they support each other, and they represent the communities we serve, on and off the clock. ​

​Onscreen copy:

Chris Jay | Wealth Management Advisor

CHRIS: Diversity and inclusion and authenticity is really, really core to our business…But frankly, I'm also a better advisor because of it.​

NARRATOR: So, what’s the difference between an advisor and an advisor at Merrill?​

The power to achieve like no one else—for your clients and your career.​

We’re bullish on our people. Come lead the charge with us.​


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What would you like the power to do?​®
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Male and female financial advisors in formal business attire engaged in a conversation.

Where top advisors, their teams and clients thrive

Gain meaningful insights, best practices and strategies where people are devoted to helping you take your practice to the next level. Our teams will work closely with you to transition your clients as quickly as possible.

Diverse team of financial advisors engaged in conversation, smiling while working together in a corporate setting.

Work where you’re celebrated and supported

Inclusion is key to a thriving, diverse workplace. Today, we have 355 employee network chapters, 230,000 memberships worldwide and seven diversity leadership councils.

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On screen disclosure:


Please see important information at the end of this video.

On screen copy:

Merrill is committed to embracing diversity and empowering opportunity.

[Interviews with several Advisors throughout]

[Merrill® logo throughout]

Elisabeth Dewailly: I am a financial advisor at Merrill

Nedra Agnew: I’m a Senior Vice President

Ryan Baker: Wealth Management Advisor

Will Bryan: Senior Financial Advisor

Ryan Baker: I’ve been with Merrill

Myah Irick: three and a half years

Pat Barksdale: For thirty years

Aubrey W. Lee: Thirty-six years…Thirty-six years…

Nedra Agnew: And I love being here.

[Different shots of advisors pre-interview throughout]

On screen copy:

Patricia Barksdale

On screen copy:

Elisabeth Dewailly

Elisabeth Dewailly: The community at Merrill is welcoming…

On screen copy:


Justin Lacey: Inclusive…

Aubrey W. Lee: Collegial…

Nedra Agnew: Strong.

On screen copy:

Myah Irick

Myah Irick: The community is that we lift as we climb.

Pat Barksdale: You know, my advocates have always supported me

On screen copy:

Will Bryan

Will Bryan: I’ve been mentored by the senior leaders at this company in a way that I think is exceptional…

On screen copy:

Ryan Baker

Ryan Baker: It’s the culture. It’s the people

Myah Irick: As we’re building our own practice, we help others up along the way.

On screen copy:

Justin Lacey

Justin Lacey: Financial advisors have to build a book of business from the ground up and a good amount of black advisors do not come from networks of wealth to be clients.


Myah Irick: I was happy in the decision that I made to join Merrill because I understood what resources were available for someone who looked like me.

On screen copy:


Aubrey W. Lee: The commitment at Merrill is authentic…

Patricia Barksdale: Top of the line…

Justin Lacey: Merrill’s commitment is advancing advisors to their fullest potential.

On screen copy:

Nedra Agnew

Nedra Agnew: It’s about doing. It’s what you do, not what you say.

[Footage from Black African American Symposium]

On screen copy:

Black African American Symposium

Justin Lacey: We have our amazing Black African American Symposium.

On screen copy:

D. Steve Boland

Chief Administrative Officer

Bank of America

Steve Boland: This is what modern Merrill looks like.

[Footage of audience clapping]

On screen copy:

Craig Young

Mid-Atlantic Division Executive

Merrill Wealth Management

Craig Young: We talk about this room standing on the shoulders of giants, without ever realizing that you are a giant.

On screen copy:

Charlie Branch

SVP, Resident Director

Merrill Wealth Management

Charlie Branch: You have support, you have resources, and you have opportunity.

[Footage of audience listening]

On screen copy:

E. Marie Broussard

Financial Advisor

Merrill Wealth Management

E. Marie Broussard: So make sure that you’re willing to give, as much as you are being given.

Steve Boland: At Bank of America and at Merrill, we can do great for our clients, we can do great for our employees, we can do great for our communities.

[Merrill logo on flag and advisors interacting with each other]

[Group photo of attendees at Black African American Symposium]

Justin Lacey: All of us come together and are able to collaborate and meet and stay connected.

On screen copy:

Aubrey Lee

Aubrey W. Lee: It’s a feeling unlike any I’ve ever experienced… and I love it.

On screen copy:


Myah Irick: To be an advisor at Merrill, I feel incredibly empowered. I feel like I am building my own practice but part of something that’s also much bigger.

Justin Lacey: Merrill has allowed me as a leader to be able to affect change and impact, drive diversity…

Nedra Agnew: I feel as though I’m part of an organization that cares and they show that to me.

Patricia Barksdale: To feel heard and understood today is extremely empowering.

Aubrey W. Lee: My passion is to make sure that I pay that forward to the next generation.

[Footage of advisors interacting with each other]

On Screen copy:




Nedra Agnew: That’s why you should come here because there’s the future.

[Closeup of advisors smiling in interview]

On screen copy:

What would you like the power to do?®

[Merrill® logo]

[Bank of America® logo]

On screen copy:

Featured Merrill Advisors


Ryan Baker

SVP, Senior Financial Advisor

Elisabeth Dewailly

VP, Financial Advisor

Myah Moore Irick

SVP, Private Wealth Manager - AGP

Aubrey W. Lee

SVP, Senior Consultant

Justin Lacey

SVP, Resident Director

Wealth Management Advisor


Nedra Agnew

SVP, Wealth Management Advisor

Will Bryan

VP, Senior Financial Advisor


Patricia Barksdale

VP, Wealth Management Advisor



On screen disclosures:


Investing involves risk.

Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated (also referred to as “MLPF&S” or “Merrill”) makes available certain investment products sponsored, managed, distributed or provided by companies that are affiliates of Bank of America Corporation (“BofA Corp.”). MLPF&S is a registered broker-dealer, registered investment adviser, Member SIPC and a wholly owned subsidiary of BofA Corp.

Banking products are provided by Bank of America, N.A., Member FDIC, and a wholly owned subsidiary of BofA Corp.

Investment products:


Are Not FDIC Insured

Are Not Bank Guaranteed

May Lose Value

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What it means to have the bull at your back

Do more for your clients

  • Deliver exceptional experiences with Merrill’s powerful digital tools
  • Access better, smarter solutions to meet their growing needs and goals
  • Help them feel secure in knowing their long-term interests will last for generations

Do more for your practice

  • Generate the leads you need to scale your business through our resources
  • Use our industry-leading research and insights to further elevate your practice
  • Lean on our network of support specifically dedicated to your success

Do more for your team

  • Work and learn from other advisors just like you
  • Foster your team’s continued growth through our educational opportunities
  • Expand your network through our inclusive and diverse chapters

Why top advisors join Merrill

Hear it from the advisors who chose Merrill as a dedicated partner in helping their practice grow, giving their clients and teams a more elevated experience.

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Stacee Crittenden

4677972 B v2

Stacee Crittenden

I am Stacee Bain Crittenden. I’ve been in the business since 1999. I started at a firm and then came to Merrill Lynch in 2009.

I leave a firm that is just an investment firm and I come to a firm that is everything to everybody. My assets are right under about half a billion. I have a partner and two others on my team, and we do everything and anything for our clients. So it has been a really good transition for me.

GRAPHIC: “Transitioning to Merrill”

I've decided to come over to Merrill Lynch." And the first thing the response I got was, "Wow, it's awesome. It's a great firm." The name brand of Merrill Lynch really meant something to my clients, but it also meant that I got more assets, that was the interesting thing.

There's a couple of things out there that are symbolic, and people all over the world recognize the bull. That means Merrill Lynch. That means an investment firm that is there to take care of all of your needs from a wealth standpoint.

GRAPHIC: “Being part of Bank of America”

One of the reasons I was excited about coming to Merrill was the opportunity to look at both sides of the balance sheet. Because we have Bank of America as a parent company I knew I could allow my clients to be referred and to get access to bankers who will be able to examine both sides.

GRAPHIC: “The Merrill difference”

I did not have a true mentor at my other firms. I think that what we do at Merrill is make sure as soon as you come to the firm you are given a mentor regardless of where you are - what stage of life, what stage you are in your career. We actually pair you with somebody who’s been in the business, that can help you navigate the waters. We have coaches that are here specifically for Black African America advisors and they are going to be with you every step of the way. They are going to check in and they are going to figure out what can I do to make your business grow.


When I am out there and a client tells me that, "Stacee, you're my life advisor. I don't do anything without you." It gives me a feeling of satisfaction like no other. It makes me realize that I am at the right place doing the right thing.


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Todd Silaika


When we joined Merrill Lynch we were a team of five. Three advisors, two CA's, managing around $400 million in assets. We're now a team of 13 with nearly two billion dollars, five advisors, three IA's and five CA's. The reason we joined Merrill can be centered on four principles. They all happen to start with the letter P. You start with the Purpose. The purpose of the firm was, the client's always first. We then look at the Process. How do we transition a business and then how do we grow a business? We really wanted to partner with a firm that has top notch processes. Third we needed a Platform. And Merrill has an unbelievable platform. We felt the analogy we would use is like driving a bicycle to work and then one day somebody gives you the car keys. And we had this incredible platform where we could do everything from banking and lending and credit cards on top of all of the investment vehicles. Top notch alternative investments which is core part of our process. Then finally and probably the most importantly is the people. Leadership cares.

Here it truly is a partnership. Leadership and I know many at the firm, wake up every day with the same mission. How do we help our advisors become better? How do we help our advisors grow? How do we knock down barriers so it's easier to do business? That's the mentality they start every day with, and it's pervasive throughout the firm.


And at Merrill when we win we win collectively together. You're not on an island here. You have unbelievable resources and other advisors that will literally drop what they are doing to share their best ideas with you if you are facing a challenge.

Why would a seasoned advisory team consider Merrill? It is a true one stop shop and it's a one stop shop where you have an alignment between leadership and the FA's. And that's something that's missing at most firms. Here leadership and the FAs have the same goal. Grow the practice, do right by your client every day and create the best outcomes. And when you work at a company that feels the same as you do on the inside, it motivates you every day to get up and go. We can talk all day about the great platform we have at Merrill and about our research, but ultimately it's the culture of the firm which is symbiotic. We work together to create the best outcomes for our clients and that's why we are here.

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“There is no ceiling as far as the achievement level is concerned. You can set any goal for yourself.”

Raj Sharma, Private Wealth Advisor

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