Three employees sitting at table and laughing and talking together Three employees sitting at table and laughing and talking together Three employees sitting at table and laughing and talking together

Career development & training for growth

Helping our employees develop their skills and grow their careers is critical to how we retain our talent and sustain our business. We do this by offering our teammates a variety of leadership-supported programs and learning and development resources for every stage of their professional development. We know that our employees are our most valuable resource – they’re how we grow our business and serve our clients and communities.

Performance review

Here, performance reviews are not just a once-a-year conversation – they are ongoing, meaningful discussions with your manager about your performance and career goals. With the support and guidance of your manager, you set clear and actionable goals and map out a plan to develop the skills and experience to get there, with regular checkpoints. We provide a number of tools and discussion guides to help facilitate these conversations.

In addition to manager reviews, we offer employees a variety of opportunities to truly take ownership of your development by seeking feedback from the people who know you best – your peers, managers, business partners and direct reports. Keep in mind that overall employee performance is evaluated not just by what you achieve but how you achieve it, including adoption of our culture and adherence to our risk framework and core values.

Skill development

Each of our employees brings diverse experience and a unique learning style – and benefits from a personalized approach to development. We make continuing education options available that ensure that our employees, no matter where you are in your career with us, can access the resources you need to make a positive impact and develop the skills necessary to do your job and grow your career.

Once you have mastered Bank of America ’basics’ during your first days with the company, you’ll have access to a wide variety of competency and skill-based resources – from instructor-led classes to interactive web-based training to videos, eBooks and more – all available to support your ongoing professional development. Using these resources, you can work towards fulfilling your performance objectives and the expectations set forth by your manager for the first 90 days and beyond, as well as your career goals.

Maya Rowe

Photo of Bank of America employee Maya Rowe Photo of Bank of America employee Maya Rowe Photo of Bank of America employee Maya Rowe

Maya Rowe

Maya Rowe started at our company as a Client Service Representative in a financial center. She participated in The Academy, our award-winning education and professional development organization dedicated to the growth and long-term career success of all 200,000+ teammates around the world.


Participating in The Academy's upskilling program gave her time each day to focus on her skills, talk with her mentor about her career path, and work through questions with a dedicated Academy Manager.


Maya credits The Academy’s upskilling program for helping grow her career. “The program prepared me for the next step in my career journey and gave me confidence. While there are thousands of us, I learned that Bank of America really does care about each of us, and that’s reflected in the many development opportunities available."


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Professional growth

At Bank of America, you will find opportunities to grow across the organization. No matter your career path, you will be supported via tools, resources and programs to help you explore potential next steps in your career.

We have leadership models that outline the many paths teammates can take throughout the organization, so that you are informed and empowered to make the right decisions for your career. We have also established mentor programs that provide development support for mentee career aspirations and leadership, and coaching and networking opportunities for the mentor. Whether you’re an individual contributor, manager or experienced leader, you will find support for your success.