Employees Speak

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“My journey at BA Continuum India has been very rewarding and I enjoyed many challenges in diverse areas both in leadership and technology. There is a huge vista of growth opportunities here tailored to individual ambitions and I feel fortunate to be part of the BA Continuum family."

Radha Sundaresan, Assistant Vice President, Chennai

“My journey of more than six years at BA Continuum India has been truly rewarding. The organization offers world class learning opportunities to its employees by creating an environment of growth and career development thus nurturing them both at a professional and personal level. Also, the work culture instills a sense of teamwork and cooperation and empowers us to share candid feedback, opinions and ideas. Apart from being actively involved in community service, the organization promotes diversity and inclusion by ensuring that people from varied backgrounds work together. I am proud to be a part of a globally admired brand.”

Natasha Lakhanpal, Senior Manager, Gurgaon