Working Here

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We are passionate about – the growth of our employees, finding the right people for the right job, driving the right behavior and doing the right thing. It’s fundamental to our way of working and that’s how we make a difference to your career. We call it the “Bank of America difference”.

Our diverse and evolving network of talent is one of our greatest strengths. With competency led performance modeling and strong mechanisms to foster peer networks, we truly understand the power of a committed workforce.

We’re driven by performance and operational excellence. Our Pay-for-Performance system underlines our desire for transparency and maintains a culture across Bank of America that provides the unique feel of “one company” using one consistent process. We remain true to our philosophy of helping our employees grow in their careers.

Through our Internal Job Posting and Employee Referral Program, we stand behind our core beliefs. In addition to performance–based vertical progression, employees who have been with us for at least one year have the potential to grow laterally within the organization.

Other tangible benefits of working with us include:

  • Life insurance for self
  • Medical insurance for self and immediate dependants
  • Meals-on-the-house
  • Transport services
  • Gym and recreation rooms
  • Banking facilities
  • Medical facilities and doctor-on-call