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 Bank of America Merrill Lynch provides financial products and services throughout Canada including:

Bank of America, National Association (Canada Branch)

Bank of America, National Association (Canada Branch) has maintained a strong Canadian presence for more than 30 years. Major business lines include:

  • Corporate and Investment Banking/Global Markets
  • Commercial Banking
  • Commercial Real Estate Banking
  • Global Treasury Services
  • Leasing
  • Lockbox

Merrill Lynch Canada Inc.

Merrill Lynch Canada Inc. is a leading provider of global corporate and investment banking services, including: commercial lending, global high-yield debt, global equity and global Mergers & Acquisitions. Merrill Lynch first established a presence in Canada in 1952 when we opened an office in Toronto. Today, we have offices in all the major business centres across Canada. Merrill Lynch Canada offers an integrated and comprehensive set of products and services across all businesses, serving the needs of corporate, institutional and government clients, by combining the best of local knowledge and international expertise.

Merrill Lynch Canada Services Inc.

Merrill Lynch Canada Services Inc., also referred to as the Toronto Technology Centre, provides global technology development services that support end-to-end technology of the critical systems and multiple platforms needed to maintain the Enterprise’s market-leading positions. Employees within the center that work on global teams supporting trading and wholesale banking activities. Areas of expertise include Risk, Electronic Trading, Equity Derivatives, Prime Brokerage, Messaging, and Technical Testing (Automation and Performance).

Global Banking & Markets

Whether you’re raising capital in Mumbai or hedging currencies in Stockholm, the powerful combination of Bank of America Merrill Lynch means we can do more for our clients than any other financial services firm. We understand the challenges our clients face around the world, and we tap the full resources of our company to help them achieve their goals. Our solutions span the complete range of advisory, capital raising, banking, treasury and liquidity, sales and trading and research capabilities.

Our Global Banking & Markets division serves large corporate and institutional clients worldwide. It consist of the following groups:

Global Markets

Global Markets delivers a wide range of securities products and services, powerful sales and trading capabilities and deep risk management expertise across asset classes. Closely aligned with Global Corporate & Investment Banking's client-managed groups, Global Markets product specialists anticipate and meet the needs of more than 13,000 clients across 13 time zones and six continents.

Global Research

Our award winning Global Research organization supports the institutional sales and trading teams and their clients. Their expertise is at the core of the value delivered to investor clients. Our research analysts provide insightful, objective and decisive research designed to enable their clients to make informed investment decisions in six primary disciplines:

  • Global Equities Analysts conduct fundamental analysis on more than 3,300 companies globally, providing institutional and retail clients with industry-specific and in-depth research and analysis on more than 25 global industries.
  • Global Credit Research & GEM Fixed Income Strategy encompasses High Grade, High Yield, Credit Strategy, Credit Derivatives, Mortgages and other Structured Finance, Municipals, Indices, Emerging Markets Credit Strategy and Emerging Markets Corporate Credit Research. Our analysts provide in-depth capital structure analysis for Corporate and value-added investment ideas for today's credit-driven financial markets.
  • Global Equity Strategy offers in-depth analysis of critical global issues, across disciplines, regions and asset classes, providing clients with investment ideas and macro overviews.
  • Global Commodities encompasses Fundamental Strategy, Derivatives and Portfolio Strategy, Metals and Bulks. Our team provides forecasts and recommendations on more than 20 commodities.
  • Global Rates and Currency encompasses our Rates, Foreign Exchange and Portfolio and Risk Strategy. Our analysts provide coverage on 40+ currencies.

Global Corporate & Investment Banking

Global Corporate & Investment Banking focuses on building long-term relationships with more than 3,000 large U.S. and multinational corporations, financial institutions and financial sponsors. We provide strong advisory expertise and capitalize on powerful mergers and acquisitions, corporate banking, treasury, and debt and equity product expertise to deliver integrated financial solutions.

Global Corporate Banking includes both the Corporate Banking coverage officers, as well as the product development and delivery capabilities that are part of Corporate Credit and Transactional Banking. We’re bringing together corporate bankers, product delivery officers and the product development team to help us fully integrate corporate banking product capabilities with our client coverage model, further pulling the business together end-to-end in partnership with investment banking.

Global Capital Markets

Global Capital Markets originates a wide variety of equity and debt capital offerings as well as risk management products. When an issuer client decides to raise capital in the public or private markets, corporate and investment bankers turn to the Capital Markets team. Our Capital Markets team partners with the coverage team and advises clients on optimal methods to access capital, whether it is for acquisitions, refinancing or strengthening their balance sheets. The offerings can comprise equities, bonds, bank debt, private placements or a combination of securities.

Global Commercial Banking

Global Commercial Banking (GCB)

Bank of America Merrill Lynch is one of the largest commercial banks in the U.S., serving more than 30,000 companies with revenues of $50 million to more than $2 billion.

Our unique client coverage model and close partnerships with other lines of business, such as Global Banking and Markets, Global Wealth & Investment Management, Consumer Banking and Small Business, enable our commercial client teams to seamlessly deliver all of the Enterprise’s capabilities as integrated solutions.

Global Commercial Banking Core Businesses

Bank of America Business Capital is one of the world’s largest asset-based lenders, with more than 10 primary offices serving the United States, Canada and Europe. Our team provides corporate borrowers with senior secured loans of $10 million or more, cash management, interest rate and foreign exchange risk management as well as a broad array of capital markets products.

Commercial Real Estate Banking provides project finance, corporate finance and comprehensive financial solutions for public and private Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS), and funds, as well as commercial and residential real estate companies.

Middle Market Banking provides financial advice and strategic integrated solutions to commercial businesses with annual revenues – generally between $50 million and $2 billion.

Specialized Industries provides healthcare, not-for-profit, education and sports industry clients with a broad array of industry-specific solutions. These include core credit and treasury management, and working with various partners to provide leasing, retirement capabilities, and other capital-raising products.

Credit Products partners with GCB client management groups (Commercial Real Estate Banking, Dealer Financial Services, Middle Market Banking, Specialized Industries), Business Banking and Client Development Group to bring credit expertise and products to clients, executing a broad range of financing solutions that enable them to win in the marketplace. Our Credit Products organization also includes portfolio management and product management functions.

GCB Treasury Solutions partners with GCB client management groups (Commercial Real Estate Banking, Dealer Financial Services, Middle Market Banking, Specialized Industries), Business Banking and Client Development Group to provide expertise, experience and products that help clients maximize their working capital and achieve their goals. Our Treasury Solutions team also partners closely with Global Treasury Sales, Bank of America Merchant Services and Service and Fulfillment to deliver the full capabilities of the Enterprise to our clients.

Global Technology & Operations

Global Technology & Operations (GT&O) is an organization of nearly 70,000 employees worldwide. With operations in 37 countries, our GT&O team provides end-to-end technology and fulfillment to the bank’s three key customer groups: individual consumers, small- and middle-market businesses and large corporations. Globally, the GT&O team manages the critical systems and multiple platforms needed to maintain the Enterprise’s market-leading positions in key segments. This includes deposits, payment products, consumer lending, wealth management, small business and middle-market lending, treasury services, investment banking as well as sales and trading.

Corporate Staff & Support

Corporate Audit

Corporate Audit is a global team responsible for providing independent assessments of business activities throughout Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The group supports how the company manages risk by determining whether controls over key risks are in place and functioning properly. Corporate Audit also makes recommendations to management in support of Bank of America Merrill Lynch's strategies and business objectives. Our Corporate Audit team reports directly to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors to maintain independence.

Our Credit Review team provides an independent assessment of credit risk and the quality of credit processes. These assessments are provided to executive management, the Board of Directors, regulators and other stakeholders.

Global Compliance

Global Compliance is responsible for overseeing “compliance risk”, which is the risk of legal or regulatory sanctions, material financial loss or damage to the reputation of the company arising from the failure of the company to comply with requirements of applicable banking and financial services laws, rules, and regulations, related self-regulatory organization standards, and codes of conduct. Functional activities currently performed in Compliance can be broken down into the categories below:

  • Line of Business (LOB) Compliance – Advice and guidance to LOB’s to prevent and remediate violations of financial services laws, rules and regulations in their day-to-day business activities.
  • Regulatory Interaction –Various activities focused on the coordination of regulatory agencies and bodies including regulatory relationship management, regulatory inquiries and exam management.

CFO Group

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Group serves a number of essential functions within Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Key organizations within the CFO Group include:

  • Corporate Treasury is responsible for providing world-class management of the company’s interest rate and liquidity risks using a state of the art framework for balancing the tradeoffs between risk and return. Our Treasury team's primary responsibilities include funding the company’s balance sheet, forecasting net interest income, managing relationships with rating agencies and fixed income investors and analyzing interest rate and liquidity risks.
  • Finance, where line-of-business CFOs have key responsibilities for managing and providing strategic guidance to the business. The Chief Accounting Officer oversees the business controllers, focused on financial reporting, controls, regulatory guidance and policies and procedures. The Finance functions are responsible for strategic financial planning, forecasting and analysis processes; oversight of the internal control environment; financial reporting and strategic cost measurement.

Global Human Resources

We recognize that talented, engaged and satisfied employees are the foundation to help make our customers’ and clients’ financial lives better. Our Global Human Resources team is focused on making Bank of America Merrill Lynch a great place for people to work by creating an environment where all employees have the opportunity to achieve their goals. We align human resources strategy to the business strategy, enabling the company to connect with customers and clients by attracting, developing and retaining a world-class workforce.

In addition to advising our clients on a wide variety of topics, our Global Human Resources team helps the company provide comprehensive and competitive benefits, development opportunities and an inclusive workplace for our employees worldwide.


The Legal Department is comprised of attorneys, paralegals and support staff located across the globe that manage the bank’s legal affairs and legal risks. Our Legal Department provides professional legal services for Bank of America Merrill Lynch and its subsidiaries by addressing legal risks, providing creative solutions and identifying opportunities for our business partners. As a key control partner for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, we understand the businesses we support and their ultimate customer, shareholder and employee goals.

Global Risk

Global Risk Management is led by the Company’s Chief Risk Officer (CRO), who has the mandate, authority and independence needed to develop and implement meaningful risk management measures and guide management in managing risk. Our Global Risk Management is organized into Enterprise risk teams and independent business risk teams that work collaboratively in executing their respective duties:

  • Enterprise risk teams (e.g., Corporate Operational Risk, Enterprise Risk, Enterprise Stress Testing and Global Recovery and Resolution Planning), establish policies and standards, establish risk management programs and assess program adherence. Our team also provides Company level risk oversight and monitors and reports on systemic and emerging risk issues. These teams also ensure that risk profiles within their functions remain within specified limits and align with the Company’s risk appetite.
  • Independent business risk teams (e.g., Global Banking and Markets Risk, Consumer Banking, Business Banking and Legacy Asset Services Risk, and GWIM Risk), together with the other Governance and Control Functions, establish and oversee the risk management governance structure for the Businesses including business-specific policies, limits, standards, controls, metrics and thresholds in line with the company and business-specific risk appetite statements. Our independent business risk teams must adhere to programs and policies established by the Enterprise risk teams. These teams also ensure appropriate escalation when a limit is exceeded.