Enterprise Control Functions

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Corporate Audit

Corporate Audit is a global team responsible for providing independent assessments of business activities throughout Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The group supports how the company manages risk by determining whether controls over key risks are in place and functioning properly. Corporate Audit also makes recommendations to management in support of Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s strategies and business objectives. Our Corporate Audit team reports directly to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors to maintain independence.

Global Compliance

Global Compliance is responsible for overseeing “compliance risk” which is the risk of legal or regulatory sanctions, material financial loss or damage to the reputation of the company arising from the failure to comply with requirements of applicable banking and financial services laws, rules, and regulations, related self-regulatory organization standards and codes of conduct. This information is detailed in the Global Compliance Framework (GC Framework), which further defines roles and responsibilities related to compliance risks as well as clarifies the scope of Global Compliance.

Corporate Services

Our Corporate Services division is responsible for 125million square feet of bank-owned space and all real estate-related services within the global portfolio including lease transactions, construction management and facilities management across all of Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s premises in Asia. Corporate Services distinguishes Bank of America Merrill Lynch from its competition by delivering innovative, environmentally sustainable real estate and workspace solutions in all markets. This is achieved by working with each of the individual business lines to craft real estate solutions demanded by business needs including occupancy space planning requirements for both the short- and long-term across all the markets in Asia. Our team provides secure workspaces and delivers strategic real estate solutions that complement our line of business and Enterprise business objectives.

Chief Finance Officer Group (CFO)

Corporate Investments manages the company’s discretionary portfolio and interest rate risk.

Corporate Treasury is responsible for providing world-class management of the company’s interest rate and liquidity risks using a state-of-the-art framework for balancing the tradeoffs between risk and return. Our Treasury team's primary responsibilities include funding the company’s balance sheet, forecasting net interest income, managing relationships with rating agencies and fixed income investors, and analyzing interest rate and liquidity risks.

Corporate Planning & Strategy researches and recommends potential strategic acquisitions, divestitures and other business opportunities for the corporation.

Enterprise Capital Management (ECM) is responsible for leading capital management across the company. This centralized team helps to ensure efficient and proactive management of economic and regulatory capital. Our team works closely with other organizations at the bank including Risk, Technology, Finance, Treasury and the lines of business to ensure the appropriate level of governance to help define and execute the bank’s capital management strategy.

Within Finance, line-of-business CFOs have key responsibilities for managing and providing strategic guidance to the business. The Chief Accounting Officer oversees the business controllers and is focused on financial reporting, controls, regulatory guidance and policies and procedures. The Finance functions are responsible for strategic financial planning, forecasting and analysis processes; oversight of the internal control environment; financial reporting and strategic cost measurement.

Our Financial Analysis team assesses the competitive position and performance of each of the businesses, identifying strategic priorities for the corporation and recommending alternatives.

Financial Services includes Accounts Payable, Finance Operations, Global Sourcing, Enterprise Services and change management functions. This group maintains the underlying tools to facilitate financial performance; focused on technology systems and platforms, process excellence and operational risk.

Global Principal Investments invests capital on behalf of the Enterprise to enhance strategic growth opportunities and generate returns.


The Finance unit at Bank of America Merrill Lynch is responsible for the accuracy and integrity of financial information for the bank’s entire business operations in the region. Our team works closely with the individual business lines to forecast, measure and plan all aspects of financial performance and data. The Finance team is also responsible for ensuring that financial regulatory requirements are met in each of the individual markets where the bank operates. In addition, the Finance team is responsible for the verification and independent valuation of the entire bank’s individual trading portfolios across the spectrum of asset classes.

Global Human Resources

At Bank of America Merrill Lynch, we understand that the success of an organization depends on its people. Our Global Human Resources team plays an integral role in driving that success. We align human resources strategy to the business strategy, enabling the company to drive revenue growth through attracting, developing and retaining a world-class workforce.

Our Global Human Resources group contributes to the success of the company through assisting with and planning for future growth. The team focuses on organizational performance, creating an engaging and productive environment for employees, and delivering critical services to ensure the successful day-to-day operation of the business. Our Global Human Resources employees must display strong business acumen, relationship building and strategic partnership as well as execution across several businesses.

In the Asia Pacific region, there are three primary areas within the Global Human Resources team:

Regional Line of Business HR: These HR leaders partner with the most senior regional business executives to ensure HR capabilities are aligned with business unit plans, and work together with the Executives to ensure successful execution of business plans.

Regional HR Specialty Functions: Our teams in Staffing, Compensation & Benefits, Learning & Leadership Development and Infrastructure Shared Services provide expertise and build solutions to meet business growth plans.

Country HR: These employees provide local expertise in labor markets, compensation and benefits trends and employment law to the enterprise. They also manage and deliver local recruiting, compensation and payroll, associate relations and compliance.


At Bank of America Merrill Lynch, our Legal department is responsible for the provision of legal services for all of the bank’s activities in the region across multiple jurisdictions and business activities. The team works closely with our Risk partners, including Compliance, Audit, Tax and Finance to identify and implement both best practices and legally compliant policies and procedures across the bank’s business and support unit activities.

Global Risk

Global Risk Management develops and implements meaningful risk management measures and guide management in dealing with risk. Our Global Risk Management team has approximately 3,000 risk professionals organized into Enterprise risk teams and independent business risk teams which work collaboratively in executing their respective duties:

  • Enterprise risk teams (e.g., Corporate Operational Risk, Enterprise Credit Risk, Vendor Risk Management, Enterprise Stress Testing and Global Recovery and Resolution Planning), establish policies and standards, establish risk management programs and assess program adherence. Our team also provides company level risk oversight and monitors and reports on systemic and emerging risk issues. These teams also ensure that risk profiles within their functions remain within specified limits and align with the company’s risk appetite.
  • Independent business risk teams, together with our other Governance and Control Functions (GCF), establish and oversee the risk management governance structure for the Businesses including business-specific policies, limits, standards, controls, metrics and thresholds in line with the companywide and business-specific risk appetite statements. Our independent business risk teams must adhere to programs and policies established by the Enterprise risk teams. These teams also ensure appropriate escalation when a limit is exceeded.