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Diversity and inclusion

Bank of America Ally program sends message of inclusivity
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Alex Rolinski: My service will always be with me..it’s a big part of my life obviously. Lacy Dodd Miske: Every time you get in that seat of the helicopter, you really think to yourself, this could be it. I don’t know if this is gonna be the last time or not. As much as I hated being away from my daughter, I was grateful that I was gonna be able to be a part of the mission. Franklin Robinson: There’s nothing like it. There’s nothing like it. I don’t care what walk of life, skin color, um you know sexual preference…no matter what it is. We all came together and we were supporting each other. I’m never going to forget it, and that’s what I love about the Marines. Alex Rolinski: It’s it’s almost like a separate chapter..so you picture like Alex as Army Alex and then Alex as Banker Alex. It’s two different people almost, because the experiences you go through but yet you carry some of that over into what you do in the civilian world. Lacy Dodd Miske: When you get out of the military, it’s like you lose a part of your identity. You lose a part of who you were. Franklin Robinson: You know, it’s kind of scary coming to uh civilian life not knowing what you’re gonna do. Lewis Runnion: The leadership skills uh and experience that the military veterans bring to the organization are paramount to our success. They’ve learned risk assessment, they’ve learned influential leadership skills, they’ve learned communication in difficult circumstances. Alex Rolinski: You run into challenges, like for instance if something breaks on a helicopter and we’re flying in the middle of nowhere..that’s a problem. But you adapt to that challenge. Similar in this environment, there’s constant challenges that we face. There’s no two days that are the same. Lacy Dodd Miske: I was a Logistics Officer in the U.S. Army, and now I’m in Transportation Services where we manage armored carriers who bring the cash to the banking centers and the ATMs. Lewis Runnion: Bank of America has over 26 military support and assistance groups. We use those as an employee network, we also use them to help in our transition and retention programs in the Bank to create that culture, if you will, to help the transition be much smoother back into the civilian world. Franklin Robinson: Cuz when you go somewhere like overseas and you get deployed, you’re not sure if you’re going to come back or not. Once you get back, you know now to take advantage of every opportunity you have. Lacy Dodd Miske: You learn that it’s the little things that you appreciate. You love a good home cooked meal, you love just snuggling with your child. Franklin Robinson: I love my son. I keep him with me all the time. He doesn’t leave my side. Alex Rolinski: Taking the kids bowling, those types of things..family activities that, you know things you don’t get to share over there. Lewis Runnion: Today I’m proud to say that we’ve employed nearly 7,000 veterans, and we’ve made a commitment to hire an additional 10,000 veterans over the coming years. Alex Rolinski: Bank of America has a great work life balance, so they’re very attentive to your home life and your family. Life is great, yea. I mean it wouldn’t have been possible, like I said, had I not gained what I had from the military and what Bank of America has been able to do for me. It’s just phenomenal. It’s all around a great story. - See more at: http://militarytransition.bankofamerica.com/who-we-are/supporting-our-veterans#sthash.b9FMpbAA.dpuf