The Academy for Consumer & Small Business

Your first step to a long term career path
The Academy for Consumer & Small Business is the bank’s biggest investment in acquiring, retaining and developing the best talent in any industry. Through the Academy, employees are motivated and equipped to choose a career, rather than just a job, at Bank of America. You will know what your career path looks like, understand the training and development you need to reach the next level and receive ongoing support as you progress. 

The Academy offers:

  • instruction from subject matter experts
  • dedicated training time
  • peer mentors
  • immersion programs
  • hands-on experiential learning and innovative digital tools that encourage employees to take personal ownership of their career
  • a variety of clear and distinct career paths
  • opportunities for on-going training and development, including special industry designations, mastery and leadership programs.

Most importantly, the Academy emphasizes and reinforces our client-centric culture and one-team approach, building a highly-skilled, ever-improving workforce to best serve our clients. By offering an end-to-end learning experience that is unparalleled industry-wide, the Academy helps reduce attrition and fully utilize our existing talent, thus decreasing risk and fostering Bank of America’s responsible growth philosophy.

The Academy provides a consistent training experience for our client facing teammates across multiple lines of business, making it easier for employees to grow and build rewarding careers at Bank of America.