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What if I have forgotten my user name/passcode for my Careers profile?

If you are applying to the U.S. and cannot remember your user name/passcode, go to the profile log in page. Select the Forgot your user name? or Forgot your passcode? link as needed and follow the instructions provided. Once you receive a temporary passcode, it is recommended that you manually enter that information into the passcode field instead of copying and pasting the information in order to prevent any extra spaces from being included. Additionally, when prompted on the screen to enter your “Old Passcode”, ensure you are reentering the temporary passcode into that field.

What if I have forgotten the answers to my security questions when attempting to reset my passcode?

Answers to security questions are case sensitive and must match exactly as you previously defined them. If you cannot correctly answer your security questions, email and include the following required information: full name, previous names, email addresses (used at the time you completed your profile), username (if known), full home address, person number (for previous/current Bank of America employees) and any additional details regarding your Career site access issues.