Pursuing my passions at Bank of America


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"I am so thankful that here at Bank of America, I am able to pursue my passions while also using my professional skills."

We know that life is better when we’re connected to our communities through volunteerism. It’s one of the most powerful ways we have to make our expertise more accessible and that’s why we have set a goal of two million volunteer hours around the world: “2 Million Connections for Better.” We support the passions of our employees, like Kelly Bankston, a VP in Lending products and pricing who started volunteering at the Bank of America Animal Expo and now serves on the board of Tails of the Trail (TOTT).

10 years ago Kelly started volunteering on the Bank of America Spring and Fall Animal Expo team and got to know people at the local animal shelters where she was volunteering regularly, through Bank of America.  As a result, Last January she started a program called “Dogs on the Run”, where people can check a dog out and take them for a run, walk or hike.  As this program gained momentum and news spread, TOTT learned about the program’s success and asked Kelly if she could start a North/South Carolina affiliate. 

She is now on the Board of Directors as the Affiliate Director and helps to support 10 rescue groups in Tennessee and North/South Carolina that participate in weekly hikes.  “Our slogan is ‘Humans Hiking Homeless Hounds’ and the purpose is to get shelter dogs out for a morning of hiking, which provides them with much needed exercise and socialization since they spend a majority of their time in the kennel.” Shared Kelly. “This has proven to make the dogs happier and healthier, which makes them more adoptable and reduces the euthanasia rate.” 

Here are some key accomplishments of Tails of the Trail:

189 events held | 3605 volunteers, equaling 7921 volunteer hour | 2716 dogs walked | 427 adoptions