Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search for positions?

On the Career region site homepage, click the Get Started / Apply Now button or Search Jobs link in the top navigation menu. Select your search criteria and you will be presented with opportunities that match your criteria. To view each position’s description, click on the position’s title in the search results. Note: If nothing is returned when you perform a search, no current vacancies exist in your preferred geographic location and/or within your selected job area or line of business.

How do I apply for a position?

First review the job description you are interested in applying and confirm you meet all the requirements for the position. Then click the Apply Now button, create a profile and complete the application form, or log in to an existing profile account and update your information. Complete the required steps to submit your application.

What if I have forgotten my user name/passcode for my Careers profile?

If you are applying to the U.S. and cannot remember your user name/passcode, go to the profile log in page. Select the Forgot your user name? or Forgot your passcode? link as needed and follow the instructions provided. Once you receive a temporary passcode, it is recommended that you manually enter that information into the passcode field instead of copying and pasting the information in order to prevent any extra spaces from being included. Additionally, when prompted on the screen to enter your “Old Passcode”, ensure you are reentering the temporary passcode into that field.

What if I have forgotten the answers to my security questions when attempting to reset my passcode?

Answers to security questions are case sensitive and must match exactly as you previously defined them. If you cannot correctly answer your security questions, email and include the following required information: full name, previous names, email addresses (used at the time you completed your profile), username (if known), full home address, person number (for previous/current Bank of America employees) and any additional details regarding your Career site access issues.  

How do I access my job cart?

Go to the profile log in page

I am interested in opportunities in the U.S., how do I create a career profile?

On the profile page, click on the Create a New Account button located beneath the Sign In information. Follow all of the required steps to successfully create your career profile. You will then be ready to search for positions.

I have applied to a position in the U.S. that requires an online assessment, but I am getting an “Access Denied” error when attempting to access the assessment. How can I get this resolved?

Refer to the contact information provided in the assessment email notification to report the issue. Once the issue is logged with the assessment provider, the appropriate teams will be engaged to help resolve the issue and will follow up with you accordingly.

How can I verify my rehire eligibility?

You can contact the Global Human Resources Service Center (1.800.556.6044) where a representative will be able to verify your rehire eligibility.

Can I submit my resume to a local banking center?

No. Resumes are accepted online only.

How can I get an update on the status of my application?

If you meet all qualifications for the role and are considered to be one of the strongest candidates, a Staffing partner will contact you to coordinate the next steps in the selection process. Due to the volume of resumes received, our Staffing partners are not able to respond to all who apply.

How do I view a list of applications I’ve submitted?

If your application was to a U.S. location, after you have logged in, you can access the My Jobpage tab to view your past submissions (Draft, Completed or Withdrawn). You may choose to complete a draft and submit or withdraw a previously submitted application.

My computer froze up while attempting to apply and I'm unable to complete my application. What should I do?

This may be the result of too many programs running at the same time. We recommend you close all of your Internet web browser windows and any other applications you may have open and restart your computer.

I am a current employee, where do I go to search/apply for positions?

If you are located in the U.S., and are a current employee, you should access myCareer to search for jobs. This is accessible from the bank’s intranet or from “Employee Resources at Home”. Click the Career tab. 

Can I submit my information without applying for a position?

You are not required to apply for a specific position. If you don't find an opportunity in which you are interested, you can submit your profile only by logging in and using our Candidate Profiler. If you choose to apply later, your profile information will be saved.

What are the general requirements for becoming an employee of Bank of America in addition to the job-related qualifications listed in the posting?

Depending on the country, you may be required to:

Review and acknowledge Bank of America Terms & Conditions of Employment.

Participate in competency based job interview(s). The number of interview(s) may vary by role and line of business.

Successfully complete background check screening, subject to applicable laws and regulations. As part of the background check process, you may be required to provide certain information such as employment references, criminal history information, etc.

Submit documentation as proof of work authorization for employment in the applicable country.

Provide other information and/or documentation necessary to enable Bank of America compliance with applicable laws and regulations and company policy.

Will I be considered for other positions when applying for a specific position?

Yes, both your candidate profile and resume will be stored in our database and will be available to our Staffing partners to be considered for alternative vacancies.

How often can I update my profile?

If you are located within the U.S., once you have established a profile on our site, you are able to access your profile at any time. If there is a change in your skills or employment history, you can log in and click on the Access My Profile link to make updates.

What happens to my resume after it has been submitted?

Once submitted, your resume enters our candidate tracking system. This tool provides us with a centralized talent pool and serves as the first stop for our Staffing partners, who are trying to identify candidates for specific job openings.

After I submit my profile and/or application, will I receive a response?

Yes. You will receive a message confirming that your profile and/or application has been received.

Will I hear back from a recruiter?

If you meet all qualifications for the role and are considered to be one of the strongest candidates, a Staffing partner will contact you to coordinate the next steps in the selection process. Due to the volume of resumes received, our Staffing partners are not able to respond to all who apply.

Does Bank of America have a policy on hiring relatives of current employees?

We do not have a policy concerning hiring family members, relatives or close friends of current employees. We review each situation on an individual basis.

How long should my resume be?

The purpose of the resume is to get you invited in for an interview, period. It is your advertisement to the hiring team that you have what we need. If you write your resume specifically to our job requirement with supporting work history, the length does not matter. If you can get all the requisite employment history on one page, then one page is perfect. However, the concept of a "one-page" resume is gone with snail mail and faxed resumes.

How do I know my personal information is secure?

Bank of America takes your privacy seriously.

When you browse and/or apply for jobs on the Careers portion of our Web site, your application and any additional information you provide may be used to assess your skills and interests against career opportunities at Bank of America and for reporting purposes as may be required by U.S. law. We use your information to communicate with you and inform you of career opportunities. Entities acting on behalf of Bank of America with which we share your information will be bound by terms of confidentiality and this privacy policy.

What social sites does Bank of America support and have a presence on?

It varies by region, but in the United States, we’re active on Twitter (BofA_Careers, BofAML_Careers, and ML_Careers) as well as LinkedIn (Bank of America and Merrill Lynch Company Pages). Please visit and follow us to learn more.

How do social sites help me with the recruiting process?

We post open roles on our social sites which link directly to the job requisition. In addition, we post real-time status and employment brand updates regarding awards, articles featuring leaders/the bank, etc.

Can I apply for jobs directly from Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn?

Yes, when you click on the link to the job, it should direct you to the roles on our Careers website where you can apply to the specific job in which you are interested.

How do I share jobs of interest with friends?

While reviewing the job description/requisition, click on the preferred method to “Share this job.” You will need to choose between Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.