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Institutional Portfolio Strategist

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Job number: 17082906

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Job Description:

The Senior Institutional Portfolio Strategist reports to the Regional Investment Executive of the Institutional Investments unit. A Senior Portfolio Strategist manages portfolios as a fiduciary with discretion. The Portfolio Strategist’s responsibilities include advising clients on matters related to investment policy, including strategic asset allocation. Subject to the client’s Investment Policy Statement, the Senior Portfolio Strategist is responsible for portfolio construction, manager selection, risk management and investment reporting. The Senior Portfolio Strategist works with both Institutional Philanthropic and Defined Benefit Pension clients. In doing so, the Senior Portfolio Strategist is expected to work with members of the client coverage team to find ways to expand or deepen existing relationships, as well as to acquire new business. Investment mandates are typically balanced, but may include separate fixed income and equity mandates, including Alternative Investments. Goals-based investment strategies are designed by the Senior Portfolio Strategist and implemented through both affiliated and non-affiliated asset managers approved for use in fiduciary accounts.

Proactive strategic thinking that reflects a thorough understanding of the capital markets and issues that are faced by institutional clients

·         Ability to understand unique client needs by executing institutional level discovery and analytics

·         Ability to present solutions in a competent and confident manner to clients who have a sophisticated understanding of the capital markets and institutional client issues

·         Ability to lead clients to action by making complex issues and analysis easy to understand and by presenting solutions in a customized, goals-based framework

A minimum of 10 - 15+ years of investment decision making and financial consulting experience.
- Undergraduate degree in Finance, Accounting, Economics or equivalent preferred as well as hold appropriate credentials such as CPA, CFP and or CFA designation. 

- A graduate degree such as MBA or JD preferred.

Posting Date: 03/01/2018

Los Angeles, CA, 515 S Flower St (CA9512),
- United States

Travel: Yes, 10% of the time

Full / Part-time: Full time

Hours Per Week: 40

Shift: 1st shift

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