Associate Testimonials

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Why work here? Hear from our associates.

Committed to clients’ success: “Bank of America Merchant Services gives me the ability to manage my own book of clients while building a strong foundation with my Bank of America partners. Together, we provide solutions for our clients while adding value to the customer and to the bank.”

Company direction: “The leadership is strong and has set a solid framework for success. We have a strong strategic plan backed by great management and leadership involvement.”

Do the Right Thing: “Bank of America Merchant Services has a culture that emphasizes integrity and honesty. We are professional in everything we do, and we truly put the customer first. I love working for a company that always does the right thing!”

Teaming: “I’m part of a great collaborative team that meets regularly and shares best practices. This makes for an excellent work environment.”

Benefits: “Bank of America Merchant Services has a great benefits package and provides flexibility which allows me to balance work/life, something that is extremely important to me and my family. There is a true commitment to the health and well-being of each and every associate.”

Total rewards: “The culture, leadership, and opportunity for advancement along with the benefits make this a great company to work for.”